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Special Trading Hours

Christmas Trading    
Monday 21st December    OPEN till 6pm 
Tuesday 22nd December    OPEN till 6pm 
Wednesday 23rd December    OPEN till 6pm 
Thursday 24th December   OPEN till 4pm 
Friday 25th December (Xmas Day)    Closed
Saturday 26th December   OPEN till 6pm
Sunday 27th December   OPEN till 6pm
Monday 28th December   OPEN till 6pm

2016 Extra Trading Days 

New Year's Day  Friday 1st January Open 
  Monday 4th January 2016 Open 
Australia Day  Tuesday 26th January  Open 
Labour Day  Monday 7th March  Open 
Good Friday  Friday 25th March  Open
Easter Saturday  Saturday 26th March  Open 
Easter Sunday  Sunday 27th March  Open 
Easter Monday Monday 28th March  Open 
Anzac Day  Monday 25th April  Open
Western Australia Day Monday 6th June  Open
Queen's Birthday  Monday 26th September Open 
Christmas Trading Wednesday 21st December Open
Christmas Trading Thursday 22nd December  Open
Christmas Trading Friday 23rd December  Open
Christmas Trading Saturday 24th December  Open
Christmas Trading Sunday 25th December  Closed
Christmas Trading Monday 26th December  Open
Christmas Trading Tuesday 27th December  Open 


Opening Hours

The Yard

Fridays 8am-8pm
Sat & Sun 8am-6pm

The Hall

Fridays 9am-8pm
Sat & Sun 9am-6pm

Yes, we are open on public holidays! Click here to view our trading hours.


Great news! We're extending our trading in the lead up to Christmas. 

Monday 21st December
OPEN till 6pm 

Tuesday 22nd December
OPEN till 6pm 

Wednesday 23rd December
OPEN till 6pm 

Thursday 24th December
OPEN till 4pm 

Friday 25th December (Xmas Day)

Saturday 26th December
OPEN till 6pm

Sunday 27th December
OPEN till 6pm

Monday 28th December
OPEN till 6pm