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Tours Bus Operators

Tour Buses

We encourage tour buses to visit the Market. If you speak to us in advance we will provide lunch for the driver.

Opening Hours

The Yard

Fridays 8am-8pm
Sat & Sun 8am-6pm

The Hall

Fridays 9am-8pm
Sat & Sun 9am-6pm

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Trader Spotlight

Chica Feathers

Chica Feathers

100% Natural and Handmade Feather extensions. Buy them now online and show your style! You can shampoo them, blow dry them, straighten them and curl them. They last up to 6 months and they're re-usable!

We are one of the pioneers in Australia in entering the Genuine 100% natural feather hair extensions  and other temporary hair accessories.  Quality is the basis of our company´s policy. Our feathers are 100% natural, long, uniform and durable, which is the key for our success. It is the latest craze in Europe at the moment and we want to bring it into Australia.

At Chica...