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Tour Buses

We encourage tour buses to visit the Market. If you speak to us in advance we will provide lunch for the driver.

Opening Hours

The Yard

Fridays 8am-8pm
Sat & Sun 8am-6pm

The Hall

Fridays 9am-8pm
Sat & Sun 9am-6pm

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Trader Spotlight

Eat Street

Eat Street

Paella, pronounced by the Spanish ‘puy-AY-ya’ is a traditional rice based dish originating from Valencia on the east coast of Spain which can be made up of seafood, pork, chicken, vegetables or many other fantastic combinations of ingredients.

Our specialty key ingredients - saffron, bomba rice and paprika are imported from Europe.

We love to use A1 fresh ingredients to cook with in front of your guests, as to end up with the best quality taste and presentation. Our paella’s are all gluten free.

We are flexible with our menu, so if there is something special you would like, we will try our best to ...