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Isa's Igloo

Isa's Igloo

Isa's Igloo

Stall Number: K

Mobile: 0429 304 411

An avid people watcher with a quirky view of life, a vivid (and sometimes naughty) imagination is the inspiration behind Isabella’s art.

Like many hobbies, Isabella’s developed into more of a passion, and she soon found herself exhibiting and selling her work, trading under the banner of “Isa’s Igloo”.

Favouring a textured clay, her pieces all have a very rustic feel about them.  With a simplicity in design, decoration and colour Isabella’s pieces are all a little voluptuous, pouty, cheeky and exaggerated – if you look closely you may see a little bit of yourself or someone you know looking back at you!  Her paintings follow the same “flavour” –, simple in design, bold of colour and rather stylised. 

Welcome to her quirky view of reality – designed to bring a smile to your face!

Whether you're searching for a special gift or something to brighten up your home, “Isa’s Igloo” offers a range of individual and different artworks.  And remember, everything is handmade so can be made to order and personalised.

September sees a spring change at “Isa’s Igloo” who will be teaming up with studio potter Judy Nastov – Isabella & Judy can be found in stall K. 

We look forward to seeing you on your next visit to the Fremantle Markets!


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